APS is highly skilled and experienced. We are insured and guarantee to produce positive results every time. We use only the highest quality equipment, products, and staff to create excellent customer satisfaction.

We are located in Tarboro, North Carolina where we serve the regions of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. We offer a wide variety of services, such as asphalt paving and repair, asphalt seal coating, crack repair, concrete maintenance, pavement marking/striping, pressure washing, and general building repair. 

We specialize in small to medium-sized paving projects for commercial and residential clients. We assist public and private schools, hospitals, universities, as well as municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies. We offer services to regional airports, ports and docks, public housing, and privately owned apartment and condominium complexes.

We offer the highest quality paving, sealant, and paint products in order to provide a long lasting, low maintenance, and professional appearance to each and every project. Our staff is very knowledgeable and APS is certified with the NCDOT as a small business entity. We also have an NCDOT certified work zone supervisor on staff to assist with your traffic control needs. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of APS and its employees.

Meet The Team

Chase Johnson

General Manager

(252) 567-1457


James Pearsall

Senior Estimator

(252) 916-3711


Clay Whitley


(252) 536-1672


Nelson Hoke


(252) 314-9571


Tracy Johnson

Manager-Support Services

(252) 823-7283