What Is Sealcoating?

Are you wondering, “what is seal coating?” The NC asphalt paving experts are here to explain the importance of seal coating and how it can impact the look and feel of your asphalt surface. Seal coating is the leading preventative maintenance that is essential to improving the look and shelf-life of your asphalt surface. Are you interested in learning more about the importance of seal coating? Unlock the benefits of absolute seal coating and follow along.

Seal Coating Overview

Absolute Pavement Services utilizes multiple application methods for applying seal coat, including brush, spray, or squeegee. Our NC asphalt paving experts provide different methods to ensure that no matter the lot size, our asphalt paving services can completely seal coat and protect your lot. When trying to understand what is seal coating, it’s important to first understand the process. Seal coating is the process of placing a thin protective layer on top of a paved surface. Our absolute seal coating protects the surface from UV rays, moisture, car fluids, and water damage.

Sealcoat consists of a mixture of liquids and tiny solid particles that protect and restore asphalt pavements. To maintain the look of your driveway, it’s important to receive somewhat regular seal coating services. Our NC asphalt paving experts recommend sealing your driveway every two to three years. Now that we’ve covered the basics of what is seal coating, the next step is to uncover the benefits of seal coating!

The Benefits of Seal Coating

There are three core benefits to seal coating with Absolute Pavement Services, the leading NC asphalt paving company in North Carolina.

Pavement Protection from Water, Weather, and Other Chemicals

One of the most important benefits of absolute seal coating is how seal coating protects and prevents damage. When water seeps into a concrete surface, asphalt has a tendency to crack. Cracks often increase in number when more weight is added by cars that regularly drive over them. Water seeping into cracks makes the cracks worse, especially during the cold months.

Reduce Long-Term Repair Costs

Although seal coating does result in a cost, the overall cost of seal coating can save you money in the long run. When you receive regular NC asphalt paving services, the lifetime of your sealed asphalt surface drastically increases. Instead of reactively spending hundreds of dollars on repairs, spend a smaller amount to preventatively seal coat your driveway or lot with our absolute seal coating services.

Improved Appearance

Are you thinking of selling your house? Seal coating and protecting your driveway can drastically affect the appearance of your house, which becomes important when attempting to sell your home. Protect the appearance of your driveway with absolute seal coating services. When seal coating is first applied, the fresh asphalt layer looks bold, dark, and smooth.

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When considering where to look for NC asphalt paving services, trust Absolute Pavement Services with your absolute seal coating needs. With years of experience, precise skills, and industry-leading practices, Absolute Pavement Services is here to give your driveway or lot the attention that it deserves! Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our asphalt paving services.