The Importance Of Pothole Repair In Your Parking Lot

When groundwater underneath your asphalt parking lot freezes and expands in the cold winter months, more space is taken up, causing the pavement to bend and crack. Once the water thaws back out, everything contracts, leaving the asphalt weakened. Cars repeatedly maneuvering over the weakened areas cause it to eventually break, creating a pothole. Adding salt to the affected area of the parking lot as a safety precaution actually makes this freeze-thaw cycle more harmful over time. Potholes are an eyesore that can damage tires and potentially be a tripping hazard. Absolute Pavement Services, your trusted pothole repair Tarboro NC professionals, want to help you understand the importance of pothole repair Tarboro in your business’ parking lot.

Consider Your Curb Appeal

The parking lot is what customers base their first impression on when they initially visit your business. An asphalt parking lot that’s riddled with potholes will certainly reflect poorly, and could potentially repel customers away. Since the typical asphalt surface has a lifespan of approximately 20 years, APS recommends preventative maintenance and pothole repair Tarboro to ensure a satisfactory curb appeal.

Potholes Can Damage Cars

Potholes can easily grow large enough to damage a vehicle. Even the smallest potholes can puncture tires, damage suspension systems, and make for an uncomfortable ride. To avoid the threat of potentially getting sued over expensive vehicle damage, rely on pothole repair Tarboro by the experts at Absolute Pavement Services to keep your parking lot incident free!

An Avoidable Tripping Hazard

Potholes aren’t just a problem for people driving through your parking lot, they can be an issue for anyone walking across it, too. It is all too easy for someone not paying attention to step in a pothole, trip, and injure themselves. Avoid paying medical bills and put your trust in APS for all of your parking lot pothole repair Tarboro NC needs!

Absolute Pavement Services

A general rule for the industry is that an asphalt surface should be paved if over 25 percent of the asphalt surface is cracked or broken. With APS, you will receive the highest level of craftsmanship and service, keeping your parking lot and asphalt surfaces in premium condition longer. Schedule a Free Quote with an APS representative today!