The Importance of Line Striping

With cold weather coming our way your painted lines will begin to fade. Snow, ice, and snow salt all eat away at the paint on your curbs, streets, and parking lots. Other factors such as regular wear and tear, and the growth of environmental substances such as grass can also cause your lines to disappear. Using our years of expertise in professional pavement services, our team will have your pavement looking new in no time.


Parking lots are filled with lines. Having easily visible lines reduces your liability for accidents that happen on your property. These lines help not only paying customers to park their vehicles efficiently but most importantly safely. Parking lines set boundaries for users of the parking lot to establish safe distances between the different vehicles. Furthermore, well-painted lines help establish your business ADA compliant. Using a professional pavement services team such as Absolute Pavement Services can help give you peace of mind should an accident happen on your watch.

Curb Appeal

There has never been a better time to sell your property. According to Goldman Sachs, real estate properties have increased by an astounding 20%. Getting your curbs, parking lots, any other miscellaneous lines repainted could help increase the value of your home or business as you place it on the market. Well-maintained pavement can help put a positive image of your real estate in the mind of a potential buyer. Absolute Paving Services has years of experience in painting lines for residential properties and commercial properties alike as they prepare to be listed.

Line Striping and Professional Pavement Services | Absolute Pavement Services

Absolute Paving Services uses industry-standard line paint to establish these lines in a distinguishable way. Our professional pavement services team has years of experience in line-striping, as well as other services such as pothole repair, hot crack sealing, asphalt repair, and power washing. To find out more about our services visit our website.