The Benefits Of Sealcoating Your Asphalt Driveway

Sealcoating is a preventative maintenance intended to prolong the look and longevity of an asphalt surface. It is the easiest, most cost-effective way to protect and lengthen the life of your driveway. Sealing your driveway at regular intervals is the best way to keep your driveway from deteriorating due to wear and tear from both weather and automobile traffic. The professionals at Absolute Pavement Services are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to sealcoating Tarboro, NC. At APS, we utilize multiple application methods for applying sealcoat, including brush, squeegee, or spray, ensuring every size lot or driveway can be fully covered and protected. Continue reading to learn more about when to apply sealcoating, and the benefits it can provide.

When To Apply

As a general rule of thumb, Absolute Pavement Services recommends sealing your driveway every 2 to 3 years, however, some customers prefer sealcoating every year because of the stunning black finish. If you are unsure when the last time your driveway was sealed, a good way to check is that if you can see the color of the individual stones that make up your asphalt surface, then it needs to be sealed. It should be noted that new asphalt driveways need a minimum of six months for the oils in it to evaporate. The less oil, the harder the driveway, which is the goal. Always consider the outside temperature as well, which must be 50 degrees or higher for the seal to adhere properly. Ideally, the sealer needs to be on your driveway for 48 hours without getting rained on, so sealcoating is best when there is a break in extreme weather conditions for a few days. 

The Benefits Of Sealcoating:

  • Reduces long-term repair costs – The low cost of regular sealcoating can save you money in the long-run. A properly maintained and sealed asphalt surface has an extended lifetime and reduces long-term repair costs. Sealcoating your driveway is far cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars trying to repair or even replace your driveway’s asphalt.
  • Pavement protection from water, weather, and other chemicals – Concrete has a natural tendency to crack if water is allowed to permeate it, which is only increased by the weight of cars regularly driving over it. Once those cracks appear water seeping in only makes it worse, especially in cold climates where it expands and contracts with freezing temperatures. It will also repel oil spills and other harmful chemical leaks from your vehicle.
  • Improved overall appearance – If your asphalt driveway isn’t well-maintained, it can have a detrimental effect on your house’s appearance. With exposure to the elements, asphalt pavement over time becomes faded in appearance. New sealcoat, when applied, looks bold and dark. It improves the appearance of both new and old asphalt, adding a pop of vibrancy to your house that you may not have expected.

Absolute Pavement Services | Sealcoating Tarboro NC

If you find yourself questioning whether it’s time for your asphalt driveway to be sealcoated, give the professionals at Absolute Pavement Services a call to learn more about sealcoating Tarboro NC.  Protect your investment with sealcoating Tarboro NC, we look forward to meeting you!