How The Weather Affects Asphalt

Asphalt driveways and parking lots are durable and built to last for many years, however, the weather’s natural wear and tear are inevitable and can take a toll on its appearance over time, resulting in the need for asphalt repair Eastern NC. The typical asphalt surface will have a lifespan of approximately 20 years. As seasons change throughout the year, so does the weather, which causes different problems for your asphalt driveway or parking lot. The asphalt repair Eastern NC specialists at Absolute Pavement Services are here to help you understand how the changing weather affects your asphalt. 

Cold Weather

Freezing cold temperatures in winter are the biggest threat to asphalt pavements across the country. Luckily in North Carolina, we don’t have harsh Falls or Winters like up North, but we do get freezing temps that drastically shift to warmer weather in a day’s time. Dropping temperatures cause your parking lot to contract and shrink, which creates tension that eventually leads to cracks. The lower the temperature drops, the worse the cracks in your asphalt are likely to get. You can fix this problem by having your driveway resurfaced once every few years by the asphalt repair Eastern NC specialists at Absolute Pavement Services. Making sure your parking lot or driveway has proper drainage will prevent frost heave from happening to the ground under the pavement. Melted snow and ice can also cause problems for your asphalt. When the ice below your asphalt melts, it saturates the soil. Saturated soil can lead to crumbling asphalt and divots in your driveway. These small divots let puddles form, which is a whole other problem that you don’t want to mess with.

Warm Weather

Bright and sunny Spring and Summer days are what most people live for, but the sun can do serious damage to asphalt. The sun’s harmful UV rays make your asphalt driveways and parking lots brittle, and can also cause the black asphalt to fade to a lighter gray color. Rain also wreaks havoc on asphalt. Water slowly deteriorates your asphalt as it flows across the surface of your pavement, as well as through cracks. While you can’t prevent it from happening, you can ensure water doesn’t cause too many problems by having your pavement resurfaced by our team of pros at Absolute Paving Services!

Absolute Pavement Services

The asphalt repair Eastern NC specialists at Absolute Pavement Services have years of experience when it comes to treating the effects of asphalt issues due to the ever-changing weather in Eastern North Carolina. We offer a wide variety of services, including asphalt paving and repair, asphalt sealcoating, crack repair, concrete maintenance, pavement marking/striping, pressure washing, and general building repair. For all of your asphalt repair Eastern NC needs, contact Absolute Pavement Services today!