Eastern NC Pavement Repair

When driving to your business the last thing your customers should worry about is a pothole in the parking lot.  Unfortunately, asphalt pavement doesn’t stay brand new, it undergoes a lot of wear and tears, as well as damage over the years. Knowing the type of asphalt mixture can help you determine when you should be expecting asphalt repairs, as well as the common causes of asphalt damage. Absolute Pavement Services can help your parking lot look brand new once again!


Types of Asphalt Pavement

Pavement has an average life of 20 years depending on conditions. When it comes to pavement vs concrete, pavement wins in warmer climates while concrete works better in cooler temperatures. Both surfaces need maintenance through the course of their lifetime, but pavement does come with certain challenges. Warm-mix asphalt is the most common type of mixture, and cold-mix asphalt is used as a sealing material whenever asphalt is needed. Combined, these two types of mixtures help make asphalt cheaper maintained and lasting for years. Some common maintenance work for asphalt includes the following: potholes, sinkholes, and cracks. Other services we offer are hot crack sealing, line striping, and power washing.


What Causes Pavement to Crack?

Water and traffic are two factors that affect an asphalt surface that experienced damage. Poor drainage causes areas of the surface to be weakened. On top of that, large amounts of traffic pass by the already damaged areas and cause small erosions that lead to potholes or cracks on the surface. Potholes and cracks may not seem like a big deal when they are small, but they can lead to bigger issues. Damaged tires and rims, as well as vehicle misalignment, are only a few examples. Road-related damages cost drivers millions a year. Broken roads lead to broken cars! When cracks form in a road, they should be filled as soon as possible. Crack sealants help absorb the stress a surface has endured. This helps even out area that has experienced concentrated damage. 


Repairing asphalt can help improve your businesses traffic flow, as well as helps riders get around quicker. Damaged pavement only create more risk to all drivers, especially if there are large obstacles to avoid! Absolute Pavement Services is the premier place to go in order to fix those pesky potholes in your area. Speak with our team of experts in order to recommend the right solution for your repair. Contact us at Absolute Pavement!