After grading and compaction, our experienced paving crew will pave the prepared area with 1 1/2 - 3 inches of asphalt and then compact. Asphalt will compact 1/4 inch per every inch of asphalt laid. For example, a driveway that is paved with 3 inches will end up being 2 1/4 inch after compaction. Any edges that meet other asphalt or concrete will be addressed to make sure that the new asphalt will meet with a smooth transition. We clean up and haul away all dirt and debris unless otherwise discussed with the customer.


The typical asphalt surface will have a lifespan of approximately 20 years. A general rule for the industry is that an asphalt surface should be paved if over 25 percent of the asphalt surface is cracked or broken. If you are not sure of whether or not to seal or pave, call an APS representative for an assessment.


Asphalt patching is performed to correct isolated problems on your parking lot or driveway. We can do different types of patching to solve a variety of problems. Consistent maintenance will help prevent asphalt failure. An APS representative will guide you to the most effective and cost efficient method for your specific needs.


Sealing cracks is the most economical way to prevent future asphalt deterioration and asphalt expenses. Small cracks of inch or less can be effectively sealed using a pourable sealant. Larger cracks have much more movement with changing temperature conditions and therefore need to be filled with a material that also has a very high elasticity. APS can do both.


Sealcoating protects your pavement while providing a jet black finish that keeps it looking great. Sealcoating is a preventive maintenance. We recommend sealcoating every 2-3 years, however, some customers prefer every year because they love how it looks and they know the asphalt will last as long as possible.


Give your property a face lift by repainting the lines, curbs, and traffic markings on the parking lot. You will see a noticeable difference and so will your tenants and their customers. After sealcoating our crew will stripe while the parking lot is still blocked off.


Absolute Pavement Services, LLC provides quick, efficient, and professional power washing services to our commercial property managers and residential homeowners. We are insured and guarantee to produce positive results every time. We use only the highest quality equipment, products, and staff. Power Washing Services Include: Parking Lot Pressure Cleaning, Building Washing, etc. Sidewalk & Driveway Cleaning Deck & Fence Cleaning House Washing & Gutter Cleaning